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Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Video

22 Sep 2021

Throughout the years, there have been many different kinds of marketing strategy employed by businesses to make them stand out from their competitors. With the development of technology and the increasing availability of internet and phones, visual content is now vital in any marketing plan. Human beings are naturally attracted to this that they can see, with the brain being able to process visual data around 60,000 times faster than information that they read from text. It allows the viewer to create a more emotional connection with a company or product, leading them to want it more.

But don’t just take our word for it, let’s look at the statistics. 97% of marketing experts state that a video has helped users increase their understand of a product or service they are providing, and users agree, with 95% of them using explained videos to learn about a product. Marketers have also noticed both traffic and sales increase by over 75% when using video content, meaning more profits for brands.

When it comes to making purchases, over 80% of people have bought a product or service after watching a brands marketing or promotional content, and 85% of people want to see more video content from brands in the future. Therefore, video content should be central to any brands marketing strategy.

Youtube Is A Vital Discovery Platform

Your video content marketing should also include text which includes target keywords, as this not only ensures that your content is Search Engine optimised on platforms like Google, but it also helps you ranking higher on YouTube as well. Google now owns YouTube and uses similar ranking software for search results. Therefore it is important to optimise your YouTube video as much as possible. It is also not uncommon for Google to add YouTube video suggestions at the top of their searches.

Facebook Interaction Is At An All Time High

Popular data company Statista found that around 85% of internet users watch videos online, and social media companies such as Facebook have harnessed this engagement. Facebook marketing via video content is at an all time high, with over 300 million engagements every week on the platform. Not only that, the platform naturally allows users to engage with videos and share them with their friends, increasing the reach of your content. Facebook advertisements and videos allow you to target a specific audience more effectively, and with the development of the platform each year, more and more opportunities to share video content on the platform are being created, such as Facebook Stories and Facebook Live. When sharing content on social media, studies have shown that videos usually earn one and a half times more engagement than photos alone and a huge 6.4 times better engagement than simple text and a link to a webpage or product. Facebook videos also tend to have higher sales conversion rates leading to higher profits.


If your current marketing strategy is lacking video content, then there is really no reason why you should not be working to add it. Video marketing is extremely cost effective, and video production companies can work within your budget to help produce high-quality content. Using video within your marketing strategy allows you to access a larger market, increasing your engagement and increasing your conversion rates. So why not get started today?

Check out our video marketing cheat sheet for more top tips.

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