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Why Videos Work On Social Media

6 Jul 2021

For attracting new followers, developing your brand, and driving sales, video on social media is proving to be the most effective commercial asset.

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn have all shifted their focus to video as the preferred medium, while TikTok’s meteoric growth has shown how compelling (and addicting!) a video-first offering can be.

But why is video content so crucial for businesses?

In the end, it’s about what customers want. From a place to connect with friends to a 360-degree destination for entertainment, education, and e-commerce inspiration, social media has changed. And in today’s social media environment, video content reigns supreme.

Still not convinced about the advantages of video? In this blog article, we’ll go over seven reasons why your company requires video content on social media:

1st Reason to Use Video On Social Media: It Increases Exposure (+ Engagement!)

If you’ve recently signed onto any social media site, you’ve probably seen video material inside the first 10 seconds. This is because video material usually outperforms most algorithms due to the fact that it holds a viewer’s interest for longer periods of time. And the longer a person interacts with a piece of material, the more probable it is that an algorithm will promote it to a larger audience. That’s why videos on Instagram get 10 times more interaction than any other kind of content, and tweets containing video get 10 times more engagement.

In addition, most social media platforms provide a boost to their most recent functionality, many of which are new video capabilities, in order to promote uptake. So, when you notice a video trend, it’s worth exploring and jumping on it. Whether it’s your first TikTok or your first IGTV series, we’ve got you covered!

Instagram is now pushing Instagram Reels across the app, so now is a great opportunity to give it a try and get some fresh exposure in the dedicated Reels area of the Explore tab.

Meanwhile, Pinterest Video Pins are featured in a scrollable banner at the top of the Pinterest mobile app search results. This gives them great real estate for grabbing new audiences’ attention and keeping it for longer than a static picture Pin would.

Whatever video platform you use, it’s time to be creative and try out all the various ways you may publish dynamic video content that’s virtually certain to increase interaction.

Reason #2: It Has a Longer Shelf Life

Video content not only receives greater interaction than other kinds of material, but it also tends to last longer. For example, a TikTok video may appear on users’ For You Pages for weeks, if not months, after it is originally uploaded.

This is because video content tends to elicit more interactions and shares, implying that it will last longer in the ecosystem. So, although video may seem to be a more expensive choice, it may frequently provide a better return on investment.

3rd Reason to use Video on Social Media: It’s Getting More Popular Across All Platforms

There’s no denying that video is very popular among social media users.

Even in 2018, a survey revealed that 54% of customers wanted to see more video content from the brands and companies they support. Video has been more popular across all platforms. Users spent an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week viewing internet videos in 2019, up 59 percent from 2016.

That’s before we factor in the effect of COVID-19 and other social distancing techniques on our video viewing habits. COVID-19 resulted in a 40% boost in use on Facebook and Instagram, with views on Instagram Live and Facebook Live tripling in a week. Businesses and brands have shifted their tactics quickly, resulting in a flood of new digital-first video conferences and events.

4th Reason: It has the ability to reach audiences on a variety of platforms

While creating high-quality video content takes longer than shooting a picture, once it’s done, you can utilise it to reach a variety of audiences across various social media platforms.

A larger audience means a higher return on investment. Because both TikTok and Instagram Reels have the same 9:16 structure and comparable purpose, this is a trend we’ve seen a lot of influencers and businesses do well with.

16:9 videos may also be readily shared across IGTV, Facebook, and YouTube, with each site tailored to somewhat longer-form material.

Take into account reusing your video material. Short Instagram Stories videos, for example, translate nicely as Pinterest Video Pins, Instagram Feed videos are often the ideal format for Facebook, and Instagram Live broadcasts may now be automatically uploaded to IGTV.

The possibilities are limitless!

Final Reason to Use Video on Social Media: It’s an Effective Sales Tool

A video is worth at least a million words if a picture is worth a thousand. This is just one of the many reasons why video is such an effective sales tool.

After seeing brand video content on Pinterest, consumers are 2.6 times more likely to make a buy. In fact, 93 percent of marketers claimed a video on social media helped them get a new client. Brands can use video to show off their goods in a more dynamic manner, providing context that is almost difficult to accomplish with static images.

Video’s buying power is so powerful that sites dedicated exclusively to shoppable video are already appearing. Google’s Shoploop is a video platform that allows users to discover goods in an enjoyable, informative, and snackable manner. As digital-first experiences take centre stage, video will only grow in popularity.

Despite these advantages, video is still shared less often than static picture postings, giving you a better chance of sticking out and reaching a larger audience. There’s never been a better moment to start producing video content for your company than now.

The good news is that your video content strategy doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Often the simplest, most genuine ideas are the most effective.

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