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What is Corporate Video?

11 Jun 2021

What is the definition of a corporate video?

All video communications utilised for internal or external company messages are referred to as corporate video. The target audience is one way that corporate video differs from typical video advertising. Corporate film is frequently targeted towards a certain group of people rather than the broad public. A corporate film could be made to show financial results to stakeholders or to promote a new firm initiative. Employee training films and advertising videos for new product lines or services are examples of corporate videos. Here’s why you should utilise corporate videos for your brand.

So, what is the purpose of a corporate video? Corporate video was mostly utilised for internal communications or broadcast on television prior to the widespread use of web video. Budget limits restricted the amount of corporate video that could be produced. However, with the low cost of HD cameras, even routine corporate communications can now be captured in near-broadcast quality. The ability to host and share video content online, when combined with dropping equipment prices, has contributed to a rapid increase in the volume of corporate video created. According to a 2015 report, video is now used by 96 percent of all B2B companies. The widespread usage of corporate video for communications is due to more than merely lower prices. The presence of video on a website can dramatically boost the quantity and quality of traffic to that site. Read more about the importance of corporate videos in our other article.¬†People spend more time on websites that incorporate video, which can assist to increase audience engagement. Finally, because video can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, it’s ideal for explaining complicated projects or items.

The various types of corporate video

As previously said, corporate video is a broad term that encompasses a variety of video formats, each of which is employed for a specific purpose. Some of the most common types of corporate video are listed below.

Promotional Video

Promotional videos are used to promote a company’s initiative, product, or service. One example is KALIDE’s promotional movie for Ferrari World’s Flying Aces rollercoaster.

Staff Training Videos

Everything from onboarding new hires to health and safety training to upskilling personnel is done via corporate video training films. When compared to in-person training, training videos have become a very popular technique of teaching employees. One of the benefits of training videos is that they may be shot once and then shown to various audiences.

Videos for internal communication

Internal communication movies are used to communicate information to company employees. This could be to announce the company’s most recent financial results or to inform them of upcoming internal changes. Because a lot of information may be given in a brief and engaging manner, video can be quite useful for internal communications.

Videos for Conferences

The purpose of conference films is to provide information to guests at corporate events. Conference videos can be shown during presentations, in trade booths, or in other areas throughout the conference venue.

Videos on corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a relatively recent field of corporate video (CSR). Corporations are becoming more interested in social initiatives that benefit society. External as well as internal audiences can benefit from CSR videos.

Corporate videos are an area of corporate communication that is continually growing. Businesses are finding new ways to interact with both internal and external audiences thanks to new video technologies and Internet platforms. Video consumption on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has exploded in the last year. New technologies such as 360 video and virtual reality offer a world where people may engage at ever deeper levels. Businesses will be able to better deliver their message to their target consumers as a result of these improvements.

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