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Video Production Crew Members

6 Aug 2021

There are various video production crew members, with the number of staff being dependent on the individual project and its budget.

If a production has a smaller budget, for example, crew members may double up, completing two roles at once. While this is not ideal, it is a reality that is still effective to keep costs down. If a budget allows for more staff, the process can run more smoothly. Within each production roles and responsibilities will change depending on individual needs. However, there are some roles that are necessary, and they each have a unique job description. Take a look below to find out more.


The person that is initially contacted about a project is the producer. They work closely with the client to find out about their goals and what they would like their footage to look like. They then select a director and production team to help turn these dreams into a reality. After this, they work alongside the director to find an experienced crew. The producer is one of the very few video production members that are there throughout pre-production, the filming process and through post-production and editing. They work alongside the director to ensure that the production on both on budget and completed within the agreed timescale.


The director is arguably the most important video production crew member on set and is heavily involved off set too. They help select the right crew to complete the production and adjust the plan and script. They aim to stick to the time scale and budget necessary while producing the best possible content. The director organised the actors, giving them direction and overseeing the filming process, including audio, lighting and any visual effects.

Camera Operator

The Camera operator is in charge of the shooting equipment and operates the cameras during production. Choices will already have been made on technical aspects like camera gear, exposure and colour profile, and the Director will choose the framing and movements that are needed. It is then the operators job to carry out these instructions.

Lighting Director

The lighting director, commonly known as the LD or nicknamed ‘gaffer’, is in charge of all the lighting for the sets where the filming is taking place. They follow directions from the DP and Director to set the lighting in order to capture particular moods or highlight areas of the shot. The lighting director will work closely with gaffers, production assistants and a key grip to arrange lighting and rig the equipment accordingly.

Audio Technician

Possibly one of the most underappreciated video production crew members, the audio technician works to record the sound from the shoot, ensuring that the sound is at the correct level for each shot. They work closely with the director to ensure that each shot is captured according to their vision.

Production Assistant

A production assistant helps everyone on the set, completing a variety of different jobs. This could be fetching equipment, taking notes or simply collecting lunch orders. Often production assistances work closely with camera, audio or lighting departments, and they can gain a lot of experience in a number of different fields. Although they are lower in the hierarchy during shooting, the job is vital to ensure that everything runs smoothly while filming.


Depending on the size of production and the type of project, there be more video production crew members on set assisting with filming. What is most important is that each team member is fully competent to complete the project to a high standard by fulfilling their roles.

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