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Video Marketing in London: Why Is It Important?

31 May 2021

You can sell your goods or service in a variety of ways. The video marketing strategy has risen to the top of many alternative marketing techniques. In today’s corporate world, video marketing is the most powerful weapon you could have. It should be a part of everyone’s marketing strategy. London’s corporate community is investing in high-quality video production. Everyone is putting money into a high-quality video production. But… What is the reason for this? Why is video marketing becoming so popular? Why does it wield so enormous power in the corporate world? What is the significance of this?

More than eighty-seven percent (87%) of businesses employ videos in their marketing and promotional efforts. More than seventy-nine percent (79%) of customers said that a brand’s video helped them buy a product. It’s not always just as simple as making a video and getting the results, you must understand what to do after producing a brand video.

Video is seen as not only the present but also the future of marketing. For long-term viability, businesses must include video marketing in their marketing mix. Here are some of the reasons why video marketing is so vital in London.

Extensive Range

Videos become extremely popular. It has the potential to reach a big number of people in a short length of time. Videos have the potential to double the efforts of your marketing team and improve your sales. Video marketing is powerful on social media sites, and while not everyone is on social media, a large majority of the world are. You and your company could share the film on social media to expand the reach of your company, product, or service. According to research, 48% of participants said they would be prepared to share video content they watched on a social networking network. A video allows you to reach out to your current and future customers right away.

Check out our blog which explains the ideal length of a marketing video.

Attracts the eye

Pictures and text are less likely to attract attention than video content. What is the reason for this? Simply, because it moves. In today’s society, we live in a fast-paced environment with a lot of things vying for our attention. You will only have a limited amount of time to promote your business, products, or services. Using a video could make good use of that limited time. Video marketing is more engaging and entertaining than a long black-and-white article. According to some research, eighty-eight percent (88%) of a person’s internet browsing time was spent watching videos. Consumers are more likely to spend more time on a website with an appealing video.

Emotional Attachment

An audience’s emotions are more likely to be evoked by video content than they are by reading an essay. According to studies, more than ninety-four percent (94%) of the audience is more inclined to endorse a company that emotionally connects them. Emotions have a significant and beneficial impact on a brand’s return on investment (ROI) if it is able to effectively summon them. It is not a closed trail with videos. Instead, it is a chance for the company to engage with the audience on an emotional level.

Google Loves Video Content

If you are looking to boost your business page further up Google’s search rankings, then video marketing is a key tool. If you search for a product or the answer to a question on Google, the chances are that at the top of the search results page, there are videos that you can click on. Many of these videos are found on Youtube, while others are linked to blog posts or company websites.

If videos are used correctly, they can be an extremely effective way to gain attention from customers searching for your services. Studies have shown that video thumbnails appear in over one-quarter of all search results, and when they do appear, users are far more likely to click the listing with the video thumbnail. With a video thumbnail and high-quality branded video content, the search result becomes a ‘rich snippet’ which has a higher click-through rate than a standard web page.

When studying individual web pages, it has been found that almost all pages that bring in the most traffic from search engines include video content. When adding video content to a web page, businesses can expect to see an increase in organic traffic by as much as 250%.

Reaching Mobile Users

More and more of our activity online is through mobile devices, which is expected to increase every year. In fact, mobile video consumption rises by 100% year on year, showing that there is a vast market for marketing directed towards mobile users.

Video content that is accessible through a mobile device is more likely to be viewed and shared, with over 75% of all video plays happening from mobile devices.  Often, videos are then shared with others through a number of social media platforms – with one study revealing that 92% of users watching videos on their mobiles will share them with others. One Facebook study showed that people are 1.5 times more likely to engage with video content on their mobile phones than on a desktop. Twitter studies agreed with this, discovering that 90% of Twitter video plays occur on a mobile device. Therefore, adding video content to your marketing strategy will allow you to reach a larger audience.

Due to this, businesses are increasing their digital ad spend budgets in order to capture this growing audience. Forecasts show that mobile video ad spend is expected to be around 72% of the total digital ad spend this year.

Boosting Conversions

Video marketing does not simply increase awareness however, as they also boost conversions, turning page views into sales. Videos are important in persuading consumers to invest in your products or services as it allows you to drive branding, explain the advantages of your service or product and build trust. Think of video marketing as like a traditional commercial, but cheaper. Video marketing now, in fact, can reach more viewers than a commercial due to the public’s increased online presence.

Over half of consumers who watch a video online that gives more information about a product say it helps them feel more confident in the product and aids their purchasing decisions. Web pages with videos are more likely to retain consumers for a longer time, with studies showing that people who watch videos are likely to stay on the page on average for over two minutes longer. Those who watch videos on products or services are also around 64% more likely to make a purchase, therefore showing that video marketing can lead to further conversions and an increase in profits.

Summary / Conclusion

Video is a great and easy way to reach out to consumers, persuading them to engage with your business. Creating high-quality video content is easier than ever and should be a key part of your marketing strategy. Video marketing can reach a larger audience than traditional marketing strategies. It can boost your page further up the search rankings, increase the amount of time a consumer spends looking at your web page, show off your extensive range, and increase consumer attachment to and understanding of your products. Making simple changes to your existing web page, like adding in a simple video, can lead to an increase in profits and increase in visibility for your business.

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