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Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

29 Jun 2021

Do you wish to boost sales or expand your company by improving your internet presence? Video marketing is a versatile and cost-effective method to capture your audience’s attention, convey a memorable message, and build brand trust.

Check out our cheat sheet, checklist or whatever you may call it to master your next video marketing campaign:

1 – Visually appealing content

Users are more likely to remain on your platform longer when you utilise video content, which may increase your conversion rate by up to 80%.

Using high-quality video content on your website to keep prospective consumers engaged with your brand, learn about your goods, and drive sales is a simple method to do so.

2 – Keep it succinct and to the point

Don’t attempt to pack too much information into a single video.

To guarantee that you are addressing all of your potential customer’s queries, we recommend having various videos at different phases of your sales cycle.

3 – Create a video marketing narrative

Try to strike a balance between facts and engaging storyline.

Posing an issue, demonstrating how it impacts individuals, and proposing a remedy is a traditional framework. What if you presented this tale from the eyes of a character who embodied the buyer’s personality? Consider how you might convey your buyer’s journey or experience as a narrative with characters that your target audience may connect to.

4 – Have a strong call to action

You’ll be in a fantastic position to communicate a call to action with your audience if you’ve emotionally engaged them.

Make sure this last card is simple to understand, includes all of the necessary information, and directs the visitor to the next step. Consider including links to your website or sales page in your YouTube videos to guarantee that viewers are directed to your homepage or sales page.

5 – Choose your title carefully

Consider what keywords you’ll use.

Video SEO optimization is just as essential as any other kind of content marketing, so make sure your video title, description, and tags are optimised for the search queries you want to target.

6 – Popular Video Marketing Phrases

You’ve undoubtedly typed in something like “how to bake banana bread” or “reviews” after looking for a certain brand.

Popular search keywords for “how to…”, “tutorial” and “reviews” videos may assist to boost online traffic to your video.

7 – Make it YouTube-friendly

You may optimise your movie to rank high in YouTube search results, much like Google. The title, description, and video content of videos are sorted according on how closely they fit the viewer’s search query.

Make sure to include tags (so YouTube knows what your video is about), a thumbnail picture, and any end cards, as well as a reminder to like, comment, and subscribe. You will be rewarded for interacting with your users on YouTube.

8 – Make a Facebook post

There is a lot of disagreement over whether you should post movies directly to Facebook or share YouTube URLs. After listening to Target Internet’s Digital Marketing Podcast, they discussed the newest advise that YouTube will increase your exposure for link sharing on sites such as Facebook, so start sharing those links!

9 – Include captions or transcriptions in your video

More and more people are watching videos on social media without sound. This is one of the most important reasons to make sure your videos have subtitles so you don’t miss out.

Second, platforms like YouTube scan closed captions (CC) to assist users better comprehend the content of your video and improve your SEO ranking.

10 – Invest in Long-Lasting Content

Producing evergreen content is the key to obtaining more views and gaining momentum with your video marketing.

Content that is constantly relevant for your business, product, or service is known as evergreen content. Evergreen content may stay on your website for years, allowing you to maximise your return on investment.

11 – Watch Old Video Marketing Materials Again

Are you looking for a way to save costs on your video marketing strategy? Why not refresh your existing material by adding new video or stock footage, altering the text, and giving it a new look? This will allow you to maintain your website current without breaking the bank.

We hope you find these video marketing tips useful in boosting audience engagement.

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