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KALIDE has creative experts that can put together in-depth video marketing plans to get your next video production project off the ground.

KALIDE Video Marketing Strategy

Video is now an essential part of every marketing plan. Video is expected to account for 80 percent of all internet content. These days, audiences have grown used to seeing video on websites and in advertising campaigns. Traffic to websites rises as a result of video viewing. It works on a number of platforms, and it’s easily shared with other people, too.

With our customers, we develop video marketing strategies that generate actual outcomes, such as increased revenue, brand awareness, and increased user engagement.

Video Marketing in London is more important than ever.

Audience Research

Starting with audience research, we examine and learn about our client’s target audience. It is important to understand their demographics, their hobbies, and their behaviours. What media people consume and where they consume it. A profile or persona will be created using this information. A top video marketing strategy always starts with in-depth research.

Content Gaps

The content gap is the market’s sweet spot or opportunity area. As an example, consider an airline that flies a certain route. Their research may reveal a dearth of information that would encourage their visitors to visit a city or location. In addition, the airline’s ticket sales may rise as a result of the creation of tailored rich content.

Optimised Strategy

Data and learning are at the heart of a successful video marketing strategy. To improve the quality of future material, data and analytics will be utilised. Changing the style, tone, content, and how it’s utilised are all examples of style adjustments. In terms of video marketing strategy, it is a long-term relationship that takes time to develop. In addition, it has the potential to enhance and boost a brand’s online performance. It’s important to meet your audience where they consume media, to teach, educate, and engage them, and to make their connection with your brand essential to that discussion.

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