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High quality video production made with social media in mind. Use social media optimised video content for your social campaigns and see a boost in your conversion rate.

KALIDE Social Media Video Production

Many of KALIDE Video Production’s films have been created specifically for social media. Many highly effective ad campaigns have made use of social material that we created. Videos on social media account for ~80% of user engagement, there are numerous reasons why videos work on social media so well.

The Process

What is included in professional social media video production services? As a leading social media video agency in London, we have a bespoke process when producing branded content specifically for your social media profiles. From beginning to end you can expect a smooth production resulting in a quality video to engage your followers with, all the way from pre-production to post-production & video editing.


Designed for social media use, films and animations offer the advantage of reaching a wider audience on mobile devices and delivering information in an easily accessible manner. The design and success of a piece of information depends heavily on where and how it is utilised. Then, we can start if we know whether it will be Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube and how it will be utilised.


Social Media Videos are frequently given a limited amount of time to complete their project. The opening five seconds of your video are crucial to maintaining your viewers' attention and keeping them engaged. After that, ensuring that the material is interesting will help to keep people interested. Your main themes and objectives, along with your target audience, will be discussed throughout our briefing process. We will utilise this information to develop our strategy.


This is the most important phase of the planning process. It's where everything starts. Your investment will be maximised by using two different innovative methods. The motor of a social media videos achievement is the creative.


This is the part we love, where the magic happens. Our staff will work with you as a collaborative team to achieve your goals. Throughout the procedure, you will play a key role. We always have a DOP and a Director on site. Video producer, talent and additional hands are sometimes included in larger sets. Really, it all depends on how you go about it.


Because of our extensive expertise, we can provide advice on how to get the most traction with your social media video and optimise it for social usage in the most effective manner possible This may contain subtitles, frame size, seeding methods, and other information..

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