Product Video Showreels

Put your products & services on the video pedestal in the best light, shock and awe your audience with high-quality product video showreels.

KALIDE Product Video Showreels

If you have an array of products / services that you want to show off, the greatest investment you can make is in high-quality video showreels. Our goal is to provide you with a showreel that matches the quality from a TV show, short film, or feature film. A top quality showreel is certainly one of the best tools available in the marketing world for getting more sales / gigs. We’ll walk you through the whole procedure to reach your desired end product.

How It Works

We build video showreels from the ground up, which means we'll script, film, and edit sequences just for you to highlight your skills or explore a new aspect of your products / services. Our stages of production are as follows:

Initial Consultation

As a first step, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll answer all of your questions and go through your requirements, as well as the production dates, locations, supporting actors, and the whole process in more depth.

Casting Brief

We'll talk about your casting range, characters, and scenarios you'd want to perform after you're satisfied with the first brief. We'll then give you a complete brief to approve before writing and delivering the scripts.


Filming a showreel sequence, including set up and rehearsals, may take 2–6 hours on the production day, depending on your package. Although it may not take that long, we like to set aside some additional time to help the cast and crew achieve a more relaxed, peaceful frame of mind, which will result in a better showreel.


You will get your completely edited video showreel after shooting, ready to post to your preferred platforms.

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