Branded Video Content

KALIDE are experts in branded video content production. We produce video content designed to inspire and engage audiences and put your brand in the best light.

KALIDE Branded Video Content Agency

As a full-service branded video production company KALIDE provides everything from screenplay to screen, including in-house creative and camera services as well as post-production, CGI, animation, and motion graphics. But that’s not all we do. To ensure that the appropriate people view your material, we can help you establish a video marketing strategy as well as a video activation plan. We’d love to hear from you if you have a particular brief you’d want to discuss for your next brand video.

How We Make Branded Video Content

Creative Process

In terms of branded video production, we have a wide range of options. To achieve your marketing and brand goals, our London production crew will respond creatively to your requirement.

Quality Sets

A 'virtual setting' will produce different results than placing your product film in the actual world. Shooting on location in a "lifestyle" environment helps make the advantages of a branded product palpable. Alternatives include a green screen or studio shot, which allows you to experiment with various backgrounds, animation, text, and motion graphics.

Developing A Cast

When creating a branded video production, it's essential to humanise it. Use a narrator or a presenter to accomplish this. Choosing the appropriate cast for your film and brand is crucial. In a casual and simple to follow manner, a presenter may guide the audience through product features and advantages.

Incorporate Animation

Animation and Explainer Videos has the power to make your branded video more tangible and bring to life abstract or complex concepts that would otherwise be impossible to convey. This is perfect for non-tangible products like software, cloud based services, or showing internal biological or chemical interactions with pharmaceutical or medical products. Animation can even be used to create cross sections of your product, breaking it into its component parts to show its internal workings.

Other Video Production Services

We also offer full scale animation services, video editing, commercial production and more! Take your brand to the next level today.

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