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Kalide animation video services are 2D & 3D animated videos, Business Explainer Videos, Infographics Videos, Whiteboard Animation Videos.


Animation Studio in London UK: Our team specializes in developing memorable campaigns from concept through to delivery. We are passionate directors, filmmakers, scriptwriters, illustrators, designers, animators, and photographers.

We work in partnership with an ever-evolving network of specialist creative talent. We are known for our distinctive character design and animation and our creative treatment is often stylized and playful, resulting in emotive and characterful films.

We make high-quality animation videos and explainer videos for different industries for demonstration purposes of products and services, construction safety measures etc. Some of our services include 3D rendering, infographics, motion graphics, character animations, 3D modeling, texturing, etc.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

With KALIDE’s Animation Studio in London, we help you to take viewers on a journey, allowing you to tell a story. Using animation allows you to bridge the gap between your imaginative ideas and your audience, allowing them to share your thoughts and opinions. The medium of animals allows you to bend the rules of nature, as you can bring any concept to life – no matter how complex or impossible to recreate in real life. It allows your imagination to run wild and lets you get across ideas that you may not be able to film in a traditional manner.

Animation is also a great way to adapt your ideas, staying up to date and relevant for your audience. This may be particularly useful if you are in an industry that is constantly updating and adapting, such as technology or social media. Updating your marketing videos is important to stay relevant and effective. Adapting animated videos is far easier to do than normal video content as it can be edited rather than having to reshoot a whole video. This is great if you are changing your message or trying to appeal to a different audience.

Explain Complex Processes

Animated explainer videos are a great way to simplify complex processes. It can summarise these processes into the essential parts, ensuring that the most important information is passed on. If you have written processes, for example, that are pages long, you are likely to lose the reader’s engagement within the first few pages. Animated videos skip past or summarise the parts that are less important and focus on the key messages, presenting them in an easy to understand, visual form.

Passing on information in video form also may be more effective in helping those who are listening to the complex information retain it. Studies have shown that humans can remember up to around 95% of a video message, compared to about only 10% if they were simply reading text.

Breaking down ideas visually through animation is one of the biggest advantages of these types of videos as you can capture abstract ideas, making them easier to understand. Using animation, for example, to explain large scale projects such as global logistics or intricate objects such as microorganisms is easier and clearer than trying to capture them through a traditional video camera, never mind more affordable.

It is also easier for the viewer to understand what they are seeing and take away the information that you need for them. Animated videos are generally most effective when they are short and easy to understand, and therefore this type of video forces you to be more concise with your information, focusing on what you believe to be the best important points of your presentation.

Communicate Data and Statistics

One difficult concept to portray through videos is data and statistics. KALIDE’s animation studio in London is the solution to this, as animated videos make large volumes of statistics and numbers look visually pleasing. Animated data videos generally involved motion graphics, with the story of the video being dictated by the numbers, analysis and insights. They can explain the story or progress of a business or study in a simple and easy to understand way, communicating the key points effectively to the audience.

Data videos use a combination of audio and visual stimuli in order to be an effective communication tool for multiple different learning styles. The images coupled alongside audio lead to a better understanding and allow the audience to focus on the key points. Complex data can be clearly quantified and explained with a clear aim – to educate or inform others or to explain patterns and trends. Expert animators can work with you to turn your insights and data into an animated idea format, allowing your company to stand out from the crowd.

Within business, when discussing data, animated videos can help bridge the communication gap between analysts, marketing managers, executives and stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Animated video can deliver the information in an engaging, insightful and user-friendly format that is easy to understand and use to improve the business.

Studies have shown that engagement tends to increase when animated videos are used. This is because the information has been simplified by data experts, and the key information is highlighted in an easy to understand format. This allows the audience to increase understanding, and therefore they do not get lost in the data and instead can work to analyse it effectively.

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