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How it works

Here at KALIDE we are aware that the recent global economic situation has been difficult for many businesses and we are here to support SMEs!

We have launched a partnership program to give brands access to high end advertising and promotion without the large upfront costs. In a nutshell, we partner with companies for a limited duration during a campaign launch.

Instead of asking for your company to commit to a budget we only ask you to pay a percentage. We then share the same percentage amount of the profits obtained by that particular campaign at the end.

Unless you make profit, you don’t pay!

Step 1

You apply for the program with us we will put your business through a quick assessment and our algorithms then give your company a specific percentage score based on the potential reach and profitability of a potential campaign. If you fulfil the criteria you will be contacted for a quick meet and greet call.

Step 2

We design a video advertising campaign for you or we work with one that you already have. We create a budget for this and then we reduce this by the percentage of your company score.

Step 3

We shoot, edit and deliver the campaign and run it for the specified duration.

Step 4

Once the profit is in, you pay us back the company score percentage! Its that simple. If the campaign doesn’t make you profit, you owe us nothing.

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