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How To Approach Corporate Video Production

18 Jun 2021

Corporate video production will be a significant component of your content strategy, so finding a video marketing business that understands your company culture and can translate it into a film is crucial.

It’s critical to write a thorough and precise brief

This should include an explanation of your company identity and language, as well as where the film fits into your entire marketing mix, major business and marketing objectives, anticipated distribution channels, and an outline of your corporate branding and language. There’s no success without good planning and this still applies to corporate video production.

Understanding Your Business

We’ll be able to develop the correct approach to your business video if we know how the area, division, or product line fits into the larger company structure. Is there, for example, a distinct brand look or feel from the overall corporate image? Is there to be a tacit recognition of the parent firm when working with a subsidiary or largely autonomous business unit, or will it be seeking for its own unique identity?

Sense of Budget

Because the scope and scale of corporate video production is frequently misunderstood, it’s critical to acquire a clear sense of your budget so we can come up with creative concepts that are both feasible and realistic. Don’t let a miscalculated budget let you down, here at KALIDE we can discuss this aspect with you to ensure you get good bang for your buck.

Keep it Simple

Trying to cram too much information into a corporate video will almost always result in a loss of emotional resonance and effect. Short, punchy corporate films with one or two clear messages are ideal. Individual case studies and product demo films that are part of your hub content can then be used to back up these claims. Check out our blog detailing why not all corporate videos keep the viewers attention.

Good Soundtrack

You may be thinking it’s all about the actual video content, however a good soundtrack is required for any corporate video production in order to set the tone and atmosphere. This is an important element of the creative process, and it should be approached with caution. The whole impression may be lost if your message clashes with your music.

Who Will Be In The Video?

Will you be using a professional presenter in your video, or will you be interviewing CEOs, managers, or employees? Maybe all you need is a voiceover. All of these factors will be determined by what you’re trying to say and to whom you’re speaking it.


These are just some things to consider when you’re looking to produce a corporate video for your marketing strategy. KALIDE can help you with every aspect of the production process from beginning to end to ensure the end product is eye-catching and effective. Check out our services page and feel free to get in touch to discuss your next project with us.

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