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Corporate Videos: Why Most Don’t Actually Keep Viewers Attention

24 May 2021

A corporate video is a long-term commitment. It is a costly marketing approach to implement. This may not be what company owners or sales directors want to hear, but most corporate videos that companies have spent in have failed to achieve their objectives due to their inability to hold viewers’ interest. Producing and using videos for the sole purpose of promoting a business and its products takes time, money, and effort. However, if a video fails to hold the audience’s interest, it is a waste of time and energy. It is a huge letdown for businesses that anticipate these kind of films to attract people and produce revenue.

However, why does it fail to hold the audience’s attention?

Viewers have a short attention span.

The average human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. According to a recent study, the average human attention span is eight (8) seconds. The public is continually exposed to many types of corporate media and is overwhelmed with information in today’s digital environment. They have an insatiable desire for knowledge, and it may be difficult for them to pay attention to something that does not pique their interest.

A marketing strategy must create a film that takes advantage of the eight-second attention span. This is a difficult task for marketers. They must cut through the clutter and engage their audience in meaningful ways, or the investment will be wasted.

It is critical to ensure that you have captured your audience’s attention in the initial few seconds. Your business video’s initial eight seconds are crucial; they can make or break your marketing plan and investment.

Ensure that viewers are interested in what you have to say

It’s not enough to ensure that your corporate video drew the attention of the audience. The next key step, and a top objective, is to keep your audience’s attention. You must ensure that your corporate video is memorable in order for it to be effective. Your video must be fast-paced. Showcase your product in a clear and straightforward manner. As a result, your audience will not be bored and will remember it.

Make sure your video has a hook to keep viewers interested. Something out of the ordinary in terms of promotion. However, in order to market your goods, you must be able to brandish its strengths while maintaining the video’s originality.

Keep it short and to the point. That is how you keep the space in the minds of your viewers.

Select your target market

It will be extremely difficult to keep the wrong target market’s attention. Make sure you’re targeting the correct market to hold your audience’s interest. “Does my target consumer enjoy this kind of goods and marketing?” for example. Marketing is all about understanding your customers’ preferences and using them to market your goods. Color design, background music, and even the channels through which you release your corporate film are all important to your customers. Make use of their preferences to ensure that your video is remembered by your viewers.

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